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The Pursuit of Happiness

A small idea, but a huge vision: to pioneer a life

that is meant to be shared, transpired, and engulfed throughout the islands in

every way the human essence can experience. We all have our way of life. 

Yet, do we truly Inspire and Influence others to resonate the aura of the islands? 

Join in on realizing our dreams, our visions, our views, our island, our pursuit of happiness.

Boo Ada

Host of Master Random: The Podcast 

Matthew Balajadia

Production Team Member / Rice and Fina'dene Maker


Brian Leon Guerrero

Production Team Member / Cook


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About The Show

Master Random is a long-form conversational podcast created and hosted by Boo Ada. In 2015, the podcast started as reason to sit down and talk about anything that comes across the brain but it has now evolved into a show that showcases the many MINDS of the island of Guam through in-depth talks and completely random, off the beaten path, ideas and topics.  If you have never heard of Guam, YOU NOW will have a chance to hear what the people who live here are doing to move forward in fast ever-changing world.

Moving Forward

Over the last 3 years, the podcast has grown over 100 episodes and over 150 hours of content.  I am extremely grateful for the people who have listened and continued to support the show over the years. I feel extremely blessed for the all of the positive feedback to keep moving and pushing on with the show. The last 3 months has seen some real positive growth.  Along with increased awareness of the show on the island, I have been developing the video stream of the podcast and created a small team (fam), with MattyB and BWizzle, who share the same vision to move the show forward. 

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